Insights from Kigali with UNDP Rwanda: Experience Governance Work with Sabrina


I am currently starting the last month of my placement at UNDP Rwanda in Kigali. So far, it has been an amazing and rewarding experience, both at a personal and professional level. My internship has provided me with great work experience and knowledge of the UN system. I am part of the Democratic Governance and Peace Consolidation Unit where I am involved at different levels in three of the programmes managed by the Unit. The three programmes are focused on deepening democracy and strengthening citizen participation and accountable governance; promoting access to justice, human rights and peace consolidation; and strengthening Civil Society Organizations for responsive and accountable governance.

My main role is to conduct an evalution review of the three programmes to track their progress and provide advice for subsequent programmes. I am also involved in resource mobilization efforts, including conducting a donnor mapping exercise and writing a funding proposal on human rights. I have also created communications materials for two of the programmes and I am involved in writing a variety of reports. 

Our Country Office (CO) was recently awarded the UNDP Gender Equality Seal Gold Certification rewarding years of work on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE). Only six countries in the world received the gold certification this year. 

"I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to support the work of the Gender Focal Team by gathering evidence of the CO’s contribution to GEWE."

 I have also particiapted in programme monitoring field visits through which I have witnessed, first hand, the impact of UNDP’s work in communities. These visits have inspired me to continue pursuing my dream of working in international development. 

Living in Rwanda has been an incredible experience. My favorite part of being here is traveling around the country and enjoying its stunning landscapes. This is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited and the five months I have been here are definitively not long enough to enjoy everything it has to offer. I also enjoy talking to people and learning about their country and culture, as well as learning Kinyarwanda.

With only a few weeks left for my placement, I can say that this was and continues to be a rewarding experience and I am looking forward to everything I will continue to learn until the last day of my placement. 


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