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You Should Care About What You Do (Even Science Says It)

Author: Anne Gabrielle Ducharme, UNODC, Bangkok
I was recently speaking with a friend about a woman I admire strongly because of the intensity of her convictions. I was telling this friend about how much I believed she was excelling at her job precisely because she let emotions slip into work.
I then extrapolated and posited that passionate people were more efficient workers.
He replied that this was probably not the case. That people who were less emotionally involved could adopt a more pragmatic vision of their work, and thus enjoyed better discernment. In other words, these un- (or less) caring people are more prolific at what they do precisely because of the distance they keep between themselves and their work: they can make fairer decisions by forgetting about their own personal biases.
Of course a non-emotionally involved person can run a regression, write emails and read reports. A non-passionate individual can show up on time to work every morning and write concisely about a give…

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